San Diego Attractions & Events

credit: Hayden’s List

San Diego, California┬áis a beautiful city and a place that’s easy to fall in love with. However, if you’re a seasoned rider sometimes it is good to note there is more to do than just hitting the waves or the skate park.

Here’s a couple ideas for those looking to do the tourist thing for a day!


Balboa park (click for map) is a great attraction that people flock to on a good-weather day (and it’s always good weather btw). This is a park that is going to speak volumes for the people who travel to it but also going to make it easier for people to know they can have a great time because they are going to a region that is going to keep them entertained. It is a multi-functional park that has something for everyone in the family. So this makes it a great destination for people to enjoy and know they are seeing something different when they go to the location.


Feeling like the beach has been a bit calm? Spice up your weekend (or weekday if you’re really feeling adventurous) with a party bus rental. Get a group of friends together and the price really isn’t too bad, and definitely leaves an impression. No reason to celebrate is no excuse – there’s ALWAYS a reason to celebrate!!!! We recommend Diego Party Bus rentals and tours ( as they have one of the large fleets.


San Diego Zoo is one of the most famous zoos in all the world. With that fame comes quite a bit of popularity for tourists from around the globe. If you’re a bit scared of the waves and want a calmer alternative this is a place that you must stop at! You will see multiple animal species and even get to enjoy the different educational aspects this zoo is able to provide for you and your entire family. Get tickets HERE


Naval ships may not seem like they are that exciting. However, when people want to get a history lesson and start to see more about the ships they will enjoy the fact San Diego has the USS Midway naval historical museum. The ship served its duty and now has been retired to serve as a museum and a constant reminder of the sacrifices the brave young sailors made for the freedom we enjoy.

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Whether you’re a local or visitor that likes to skate or surf sometimes it’s good to realize there are some other things out there! You will likely find there are plenty of other options for people to enjoy when they are in San Diego that is outside of the water.