Longboard Surfing In San Diego


Longboard surfboards typically refer to surfboards that are greater in length than nine feet although longboards for women are often in the 8’6″ range as well. Riding a longboard can be described as an experience where the surfer is gliding down the wave. The longboarder embodies grace in the surf where the shortboarder seeks more radical movement.

One of the keys to riding a longboard surfboard correctly is trimming the surfboard to stay in the curl of the wave. Different techniques for trimming a longboard surfboard include walking the board, nose riding, and hanging ten. Walking the board refers to moving forwards or backwards on the board to either accelerate, by moving forwards, or slow the board down, by moving backwards. Nose riding or hanging ten is a method of trimming the longboard surf board where the surfer walks to the front of the longboard and hangs all ten toes over the nose of the surfboard.

Longboarding typically happens in gentler more tapered waves where the surfer can maximize their glide and trimming. When a surfer is paddling out to the lineup and a wave comes a shortboarder would duck dive to get under the white water. With a longboard, that is typically not possible as the surfboard is so large.

There are many different styles of longboard surfboards that are available on the market. There are also longboard surfboards built for the intermediate, advanced, and expert surfer.

Different Longboard shapers exist making the different shapes mentioned above. Shapers such as Donald Takayama, Skip Frye, and Dick Brewer are among some of the best known although there are many other top shapers out there. To purchase a longboard, visit your local surf shop or read some surfboard reviews online and purchase a used longboard for sale online and save some money.

Riding longboard surfboards can be as different as a beginner surfer learning to surf to an expert surfer hanging ten toes over the nose. If you are looking to find a used surfboard, look for longboards for sale on the internet and maybe start by reading some surfboard reviews in a surfing forum.

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